Jawad Hasnain Biography

I just thought of more information. What if I write my biography from the view of somebody else and not Jawad Hasnain? I feel like that would be a better approach rather than writing it from my perspective.

I don’t know: Maybe this is crazy.

Jawad Hasnain

I was thinking about writing a self titled biography. What do you all think? It would include my early life, my brief stint as a chimney sweep up until me currently now?

Anyone think that it would look good? Would you read it?

Bonzai Trees – Jawad Hasnain

These Bonzai trees could possibly be my most favourite trees. Sometimes I like to come sit in the foyer and watch the day go past with my favourite tree. Whats your favourite tree/plant?

The story about my adventure at the park #2

As I etched closer and closer and closer to this clown in full make-up I notice something that is a little bit different than I thought it would be. I get closer and the clown smiles at me, long orange hair and I feel uneasy… that was untill it opened its mouth.

“Hey!” it said and I was shocked. I thought I would be afraid but I was more confused than anything. It was a girl. That was a girl under all that make-up. I asked her what she is doing and her reply was a quick and witty “I’m being funny”.

Her name was Sarah and I’ll never forget her face. The moment she took her make-up off and smiled at me I will never forget.

I miss her everyday.

The story about my adventure at the park

Hello everyon!

My name is Jawad Hasnain (obviously, this is my blog) and today I am going to retell a story about a small adventure I had at the park. If i believe it’s too long then I am going to split it into two posts. Here we go.

It was a summer afternoon around 2012. I thought I might as do some exercise for once in my life. It was quite windy for a summer day so I decided to take my kite down to the local park with me.

This park wasn’t just a childrens park it also had pathways for people to jog along the side of. So there I was, jogging away really struggling and then I saw it. It was a clown. A clown completely dressed in a clown outfit and holding about 6 or so balloons.

Now I’m sure that a lot of you know but I am deathly afraid of clowns (Not anymore). So that made me really pick up the pace and run from the clown.

I make it around 200 metres from the clown and I think wow I am better than this, its time to face my fear.

So me, Jawad Hasnain walk up to the clown like the big macho man that I am and I etch closer and closer and closer and I realise something isn’t right.

Jawad Hasnain’s new phone

Hello everyone, Jawad Hasnain here.

I’ll be really quick cause I am extremely busy at the moment. Today I purchased a new Samsung phone as a present to one of my employees. He has been doing really good work lately at the mill and I thought I would reward him.

What have you got for your employees before?


Jawad Hasnain’s new Macbook

Hello everyone, Jawad Hasnain here!

Today I purchased a Macbook Pro from the apple store. I got them to price match a price I found online for the same item. I thought it was bizarre when they wouldnt give me the colour that I wanted if it wasn’t in the same store.

Jawad Hasnain, Out.

About me

Hello my name is Jawad Hasnain

I am a 29 year old male living in Perth, Wa. That’s in Australia for all you American Folks.

I have 9 kids. Each of their names start with an E. I won’t tell you what they are.

If anyone has any questions you can reach me on JawadHasnain192923@live.com.au

Look forward to speaking to you.

The chronicles of Mr Hasnain

Hello everyone, Jawad Hasnain here.

I am here to post yet another blog post. Please if you enjoy these, feel free to comment.

Today I purchased large amounts of fruit. I am going to start eating heaps of fruit a day. Mainly bananas and Pineapple. I enjoy them the most.

Jawad Hasnain.