The story about my adventure at the park

Hello everyon!

My name is Jawad Hasnain (obviously, this is my blog) and today I am going to retell a story about a small adventure I had at the park. If i believe it’s too long then I am going to split it into two posts. Here we go.

It was a summer afternoon around 2012. I thought I might as do some exercise for once in my life. It was quite windy for a summer day so I decided to take my kite down to the local park with me.

This park wasn’t just a childrens park it also had pathways for people to jog along the side of. So there I was, jogging away really struggling and then I saw it. It was a clown. A clown completely dressed in a clown outfit and holding about 6 or so balloons.

Now I’m sure that a lot of you know but I am deathly afraid of clowns (Not anymore). So that made me really pick up the pace and run from the clown.

I make it around 200 metres from the clown and I think wow I am better than this, its time to face my fear.

So me, Jawad Hasnain walk up to the clown like the big macho man that I am and I etch closer and closer and closer and I realise something isn’t right.

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